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If you're in need of support, the best place to try is Microsoft's community newsgroups, there are hundreds of experts who voluntarily spend nearly every waking hour on there helping people!   A web front-end to access these is available on Microsoft's website.

There's an index down the left hand side, so see if you can find a group that's more specific to your requirement.

If you're running Windows Vista you can view and post to the groups using Windows Mail, simply open it up and click on Microsoft Communities and look down the list of available groups to see one that matches the software you're having a problem with.

When posting make sure to include as many details as possible, a post like "when I try to start a game it doesn't work" could possibly just get ignored.  A good post would include hardware details of your machine, the version of Windows you're using and exact details about the game and error messages that you encounter.  An example of a good post:

I'm having trouble running Age of Empires, I've installed it successfully but after the splash screen when I try and run it, I can hear the disc drive spinning the screen goes black and I get the error "unable to find DirectDraw device".

Dell Inspiron 5100
Pentium 4 2.6Ghz
512MB of RAM
ATI Radeon 7500 graphics.
AC'97 audio
Windows XP with Service Pack 2

To find out more details about the hardware in your machine have a look at the Hardware Guide.

Being posted to the newsgroups also have other benefits, Google and others archive everything in the newsgroups so they're available to be searched and will be stored for years to come.  So yes it's quite possible your great-grandchildren when they dig out your old Windows XP computer in a hundred years from now, may well run into the same problem that you've ran into, and will be able to use a search engine to look through all the old posts from the newsgroups and find the answer!  Something not possible with e-mail.

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Last updated 3rd of February 2007.