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Determining Your Computer's Hardware

Windows Vista has made some important changes to how we can find out our system specifications. The entire process has been completely overhauled and simplified from Windows XP. It now includes a number score, or a Windows Experience Index (WEI), this is a collection of 5 numbers which describe the performance of our computer, the lowest number forms the overall WEI rating. Over time games themselves will carry the WEI they require on their packaging to make it easy to identify compatible games. Games branded under 'Games for Windows' already report this in Windows Vista's new Games Explorer feature. But what this guide will do is walkthrough how to find out the processor (CPU), memory (RAM), graphics and storage our computer has to match up with the requirements on a game's packaging.

Start Menu

We want to launch Performance Information and Tools. This can be done by typing it into the Start Search. You'll probably see it listed after just typing the first few letters. Go ahead and click on it and it will open up in a new window.

Performance Fnformation and Tools

From here we can see the WEI score Windows Vista gave our PC, but what we're after at the moment however is all individual details we need, so let's click on View and print details. This will open in a new window.

Performance Fnformation and Tools Details

From here we can see all the details we need to know. The processor manufacturer, model and speed. We can see the amount of memory (RAM) in the machine, the type of graphics card and how much free storage we have on our hard drive(s). We can also click on Print this page to send it to the printer.

Last updated 9th of July 2007.